We believe that good market intelligence lays the foundations for business success.

Whether this be the analysis of large scale data sets, or interpretation of more anecdotal feedback, gathering and objectively analysing information about your market will help you to make the best possible business decisions.

In a world overflowing with data our mission is to help our clients make the best decisions by conducting thorough market research, and making sense of the abundant available data. Through this process we turn data into market intelligence.

Our speciality is in primary research, but we feel the best decisions are made when drawing on insights from a range of data sources.

Whenever you work with Green Shoots, we will use a data agnostic approach to supplement data gathered from our own primary research with insights available from other data sources to provide the most comprehensive answers to your business questions.

If you have a business decision that you need to make and want some market intelligence to help ensure you make the right choice, get in touch and lets see how we can help.