Following the conclusion of an extremely challenging 2020/21 academic year, Green Shoots conducted a short survey with UK university students to gather their feedback on the experience.

The research identified a variety of ways by which students’ study was affected and there was a very mixed response with regards to the perceived effectivness of the responses from different institutions. Click here to read the full report, or see five key takeaways below summarising what students would like next from their universities:

What further support would students like from their universities going into the 2021/22 academic year?

  1. Improved provision of mental health support. Many students talked about how their mental health had suffered over the past year as a result of isolation and that they did not know where to get support. By far the greatest demand was for improved mental health provision.
  2. Increased engagement with tutors to allow for clarification and deepening of understanding. Students greatly value being able to communicate and engage with their tutors, which was significantly hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Students are therefore keen for increased engagement with tutors going forwards.
  3. Financial support for those struggling financially during the pandemic, and a review of tuition fees. Many reported that they struggled financially over the past year, especially as it was very difficult to find part-time work. Many also felt that they had not received full value for the cost of their tuition fees, causing significant frustration.
  4. Provision of better access to learning resources to facilitate remote learning. With the move to remote learning many students said that they struggled to get access to the necessary textbooks for their course, and called for better provision of free digital textbooks, as well as support accessing the internet.
  5. Improved communication and transparency. Students also called for improved communication from the university, which they felt was often too slow or lacking in transparency which meant that students were often unsure as to exactly what was going on.

To discuss any of the results in detail, please email Mike Kelly at

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